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I liked when Maggie said any woman would be a fool to marry him. Victor is not better than Vivian. Victor was scheming against Carly too and covered up the crime. He wouldn't mind Carly being dead if she wasn't connected to Bo.

Nathan doesn't want to leave town because of Melanie.

Hey Brady, EJ is just her friend, you know, like your good buddy Nicole. Brady says the same exact line on tomorrows show. "How bout that, she says no to me, but yes to him." This was when EJ was offering her the job at the pub and she said yes when she grabbed EJ's business card, and she turned down Brady's proposal the day before. This is probably the beginning of Brady's downfall. EJ will be a big hero, winning the big trial and Brady won't be able to handle Arianna going beserk over EJ.
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