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LMAO at whoever said that Ciara looks possessed...she is so sweet, but the creepiest little actress. She does have her flashback look down pat.
Melanie and her chat with Carly was so stupid. She has no reason to not like Chloe...she even said that she doesn't know and its just a feeling. F her feelings! Then she gets all up in Stephanie's face about her fucking beverage choices. WTF! She irritates me to no end.
Carly just needs a bit of bangs and her hair would be lovely. Until then, it looks so damn bad.
Melanie's comb over/back comb over is a bad style too. Her hair is in every direction.

EJ looked like crap in that purple shirt. His complexion doesn't go with pastel. Bad suit. But he had that sly look, that devilish sly look for Arianna which for a second, gave me a bit of hope for an EJari pairing.
Like Rafe, EJ seems to do so much better in scenes without Sami.
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