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After all... tomorrow is another day!

May 31 2010, 01:26 PM
Which part of Stephanie's family has had season tickets to the cubs ever since she can remember? She lived in California. I guess she means grandparents/cousins.
So sick of this show's script writers just making up shit in the dialogue that we know is NOT TRUE. The random dialogue about Sami having gone to massage school, which we never ever saw in her entire 17 years of being on the show that I recall, was weird and now we get this?

Stephanie's parents clearly didn't have season tickets to the Cubs as they weren't living in Chicago. None of her Brady Salem family has ever mentioned having season tickets before nor have the Johnsons. It's just so dumb to make up shit like that which doesn't ring true to longtime viewers all for the sake of getting to the point of Nathan talking about the possibility of moving to Baltimore.

Anyway about the rest of today's show, which I might as well get in my licks about while I can...

How the hell did the Salemcommunitylaptop get from Rafe's FBI mission in South America to the Brady Pub and EJ's table?

If everyone is so terrified about what Vivian will do that Bo had to have Carly live with him to protect her and Victor has to marry her to "neutralize" her isn't anyone worried about Ciara being under the same roof as her?

I can't believe how pro-Chloe and anti-Carly I am about everything despite what a pathetic desperate skank they've written her while I know in reality Carly is the more reasonable one. But when Carly just sitting there sipping her lemonade or whatever it was giving her the stinkeye... ooooooh bitch... What the fuck do you know about a secret like this coming back to haunt you? DANIEL FORGAVE YOU AFTER LIKE ONE DAY and you lied to him for two decades. You killed your ex-hubby and got away with it and you have a man who hates you marrying Vivian to protect you so really your secret hasn't hurt you one bit. Ughhhhhh... I can't believe how much this show is making me not like Carly! And how can she not have known about Daniel and Chloe's past dalliances while Chloe was married to Lucas until now, and why would he put so much stock in what Daniel's jilted ex-fling/Chloe's ex-monster-in-law has to say about things?

Snarky Nicole was in full effect today. I don't really like it when she's making EJ look dumb, but it's funny how much more palatable it is to me seeing her manipulate Brady and play him for a fool despite the fact I want Bricole to happen for real. Maybe it's just I'm so used to seeing EM look dumb as Ethan? I do wonder what they'll do for Nicole's love life when this is over. She does somehow have awesome chem with Baker.

Did that public defender take smug lessons from Rafe? Good grief. I didn't realize day players were allowed to be that satisfied with themselves. And this is a random ass quibble, but I think Lindsay Hartley overacts in those pauses where the actor is required to stare into space before they turn to the next scene in the act. I don't even know how it is possible to overact but the way her eyes were darting around so concerned it was somehow OTT. Or Passionsy. I can't totally explain it. But as much as I'm not really feeling the EJanna chemistry yet (it would help if Arianna smiled at some point) I do love seeing EJ get Brady's goat when he walked in on them.

Vivian poisoned her with a comb on her wedding day and Melanie is GIDDY about watching her cut a cake with a switchblade? WTF?

MAGSTOR!!! But I'm so glad they gave us that scene of Maggie talking to Mickey's picture.

Poor Ciara. Ooooooh super secret empty treasure box.

Is it just me or did they finally trim Phillip's hair a little bit? It seemed a bit better today.

"That went well." :lol: I don't know why but that just slayed me when he popped out to say that to Nicole. Can Baker just wonder around Salem saying that to everyone after they fucked up
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