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WTF was Sami wearing??? All she needed was one of those silly hats and her court jester outfit would be complete. :lol: At least it would be work. :lol:

Arianna has a such a crush on her lawyer. :lol: How many times did she touch him? Glad she didnt pull away when Brady walked in the door. Sami would have acted like her hand was on fire. Another reason Arianna is awsome and Sami sucks ass.

Here comes the EJ/Nicole showdown. :cheer: :cheer: EJ finally got his brain back and realized Nicole set up Arianna. I cant believe he doesnt realize Brady is the reason.

Carly needs to butt the hell out of Chloe's business. Im glad Ciara hates her. The kid might not be able to act but she can throw a death glare like a pro! MY SECRETS. The kid plays creepy very well. I hope she goes completely psycho.

I hate Nicole acting so needy and clingy. The character is better than that. Ari can do more than this crap. She shouldnt have to pathetically chase a man like that. Those Nicole/brady scenes are embarassing to watch.

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