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What was Angie thinking not wearing any gloves or a mask while working on that kid at the hospital?? :o She had blood on her face, that can't be good. It seems AMC did that purposely.

AMC ruined any shred of awesomeness that could have come out of that Greenlee/David/Jessie/Angie dinner! I was beyond disappointed!! I got where Angie was coming from when she was lashing out at David, but she could have kept it to herself this time around. Things could have been so much more different, and more enjoyable, if AMC took a more comedic route with them. sigghhhh~~

I just love Caleb and Erica. I'm into all of their scenes. I wonder whats wrong with Erica, the mountain life must really be getting to her. And she seemed a little spaced out when she was talking about Jack. One thing I didn't get, why was it early morning where they were, but night back in PV?? Aren't West Virginia and Pennsylvania in the same time zone? And even more weird, was that it was night by the end of the episode where Erica and Caleb were, and still the same time in PV. That was just weird to me.

I liked Madison and Frankie, to. I love how they are so close. I wish it could be more, though.

Here you go!

I love Jannie as well!


I had NO idea that this site was out there! Thank you for posting!
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