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I completely agree on all counts. Susan H. received 4 emmy nominations for best lead actress in the 70s. And Julie always was classy, no matter what kind of trouble she would get into.

I think Julie's conversation with Sami could be along the lines of don't let your man-chasing interfere with your relationship with your children, particularly Will. I think Julie would be concerned that Will (who is a Horton) is under the influence of Stefano. The Hortons were the first family that Stefano went after when he first came to Salem. He even had the hots for Julie!
I agree. I think Julie's conversation has more to do with Sami's relationship with her son, Will, urging her not to make the same mistakes she did with her son, David. I would certainly guess that Julie would be more in favor of Sami having a relationship with someoone like Rafe over someone like EJ, a Dimera. I am hoping she can convince her to get out of that hell hole called the Dimera mansion. It's time already. How long does it take to fix the plumbing.
I was thinking the same thing yesterday! I'm seriously pumped to see the re-model of Marlena's pad after all this time. :wink: They've had enough time to practically build a new wing. What do you bet it looks exactly the same as before? On the the Days budget, they won't even bother to switch out the throw pillows.
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