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"Even iron bends"..Victoria Rowell

I DETEST JT!!!! I wish he was on that deserted island with Adam. This character is so damned self-righteous and pious that I just want to pull his hair out strand by strand!!! He's setting up house with his toy robot, Mac, and he thinks it's okay to allow her to play substitute mommy to VICTORIA'S child??? On what universe is that okay??? I wish that Victoria would go all Victor on his ass and start really raising hell between JT and his "girlfriend/the most boring character in Y&R history!!" I was hoping that she would slap the shit out of Mac and remind her that SHE is Reed's mother, and that she needs to stay in her place.

Don't get me wrong, Victoria is not my favorite character, but I'll take flawed and stupid any day of the week over arrogant and condescending. She was foolish to marry Billy in that silly Jamaican wedding, but I am rooting for them as a couple because they have chemistry!!! Well, as much chemistry as you can expect from a D-list actress like Amelia.

Chloe also needs to fall back. If she decides to up and marry Chance, how does that make it any different from Billy "marrying" Victoria??? Isn't the man allowed to move on and fall in love with someone without a SHOTGUN wedding?? He never loved her, but she needs to move on and stop judging him. I liked her far better back when she was trapping men into marriage and being a little hellion. This new "Stepford wife" is not interesting for me.
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