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Eww, I don't like Hope's line at the end. "I know you'll look out for us for all the rest of the days of our lives." It sounds weird. It doesn't flow off her tongue very well, LoL. What an awkward line.

Sami/Rafe/EJ = Zzz. I hope they didn't bring Carrie back just to have her doling out romantic advice to Sami. I truly couldn't care less who Sami chooses or doesn't choose.

I really like the lighting at :13 (the shot of Sami standing in the DiMansion living room telling EJ she can't imagine her life without him in it). Ali Sweeney looks really good there.

I find it odd that Mike is in the hospital. Weird.

It sucks that Chloe and Daniel are getting married in the hospital. Not only are we not getting St. Luke's for Alice's funeral, we aren't getting St. Luke's for Chloe and Daniel's wedding... just like we didn't get St. Luke's for Vivian and Victor's wedding or Phillip and Melanie's wedding. This show is so damn cheap.

Nicole/Brady/Arianna = Zzz. I can't take Brady seriously at all knowing what a goofball Eric Martsolf is in real life. "When I find the person responsible for framing her, I'll destroy them." LoL, please.

I hate the lighting in the cemetery scenes. I hate that they didn't break out the wind machines. It looks so unrealistic for everyone to be standing outside without the sound of birds chirping or a breeze blowing through their hair and through the trees. It's stagnant air. I also hate the brick wall they're standing in front of. That just screams "we're too lazy and cheap to build a pretty backdrop so we're just going to erect this brick wall instead." Would it have killed them to spend an extra dollar or two for Alice's memorial to actually make it look good or to give us a funeral in an actual church?
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