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Chloe has a change of heart and decides to stop Carly from getting on the elevator of death. Unfortunately, Chloe ends up injured.

“Her conscience kicks in and she decides, ‘This is crazy,’” says Nadia. “She can’t let Carly get into the elevator, so Chloe grabs her. Carly thinks Chloe is crazy and they get into a physical altercation – a shoving match – and Chloe pushes Carly out of the elevator and inadvertently falls back into the elevator doing so. She twists her ankle, the elevator doors shut and she goes crashing down.”

Chloe survives, but needs surgery. Daniel pries open the elevator doors and finds her. Carly and Lexie perform skull surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. It is very critical, but then Chloe wakes up and her motion functions seem to be fine and she can speak.

Thinking Chloe heroically saved her life, Carly agrees to keep quiet about Chloe’s one-night stand. “Carly comes in and talks to Chloe and says, ‘I feel like I owe you one, so I won’t tell Daniel about you sleeping with someone else, but I expect you to do it. But I’m not going to get involved.’ So Chloe now think she has bought herself a little extra time,” says Nadia.

Later, Daniel overhears Phillip and Chloe talking about their secret, so Chloe has to think fast to cover her tracks. Nadia says, “They sheepishly come up with a lame excuse about how she’s been so open with Phillip and he’s been there for her, but Phillip didn’t want Daniel to know that because it would maybe make him feel uncomfortable.” Chloe then asks Phillip to go to her apartment and get the wedding gift she bought for Daniel. Nadia says, “It’s a watch with an inscription that says something along the lines of, ‘Daniel the love of my life.’ She gives Daniel the gift and tells him how much she loves him.”

Daniel is moved and suggests that they get married ASAP. Carly finds out about their plans and again presses Chloe to come clean. “Carly basically says, ‘You promised you were going to tell Daniel before you got married,’” sighs Nadia. But Chloe ignores her threat and forges ahead with the wedding. Nadia says, “They rush to get married and Carly comes storming into the room. She sees this wedding ceremony in progress and stares daggers at Chloe, who crumbles under the pressure and says, ‘I’m sorry, but we can’t do this….’”
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