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JR and Annie are the best thing on AMC right now. I can't get enough of them. I really wish they were on more, though. I loved all of their scenes this week, especially the one where JR came in after his long sweaty run, and Annie was folding that blanket. JR gave Annie a look, then walked past her. Annie says, "Damn you JR", It was such an intense scene, and that kiss JR gave her was amazing. How can he say that there is no connection between them? :eyeroll: He's kidding himself. It was very scandalous of him to tell that blogger all those things about Annie, but you can tell he did it because he's jealous of Annie and Scott's blooming relationship. It's eating him up inside lol! Annie and Scott are ok, but I really only see them as being really good friends. Nothing more really....the gold mine AMC has, is in JR and Annie. And I hope they know that, and mine it out soon....go JANNIE!
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