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this supposed rafe/johnny connection is getting out of hand. ej has been his father since day one, so why is he passing him over for some random dude that lived with his mom for like five seconds? if johnny were older this whole idea that he might be 'ashamed' of what his father does for a living might hold water, but he's a toddler.

carly and melanie are the two biggest assholes on the show by far. i forget who comented that the two are more interested in cock-blocking than anything else, but whoever it was hit the nail on the head.

i'm also hating the misinformation in regards to the morning-after pill. i'm definitely not a pro-lifer, and i don't want to be crass, but it annoyed me that nathan and stephanie both commented that the pill 'wouldn't hurt the baby.' bullshit. if you're pregnant and take the morning after pill, it terminates the pregnancy. that's how it works. if you choose to call that bundle of cells that were fertilized twelve hours ago a baby, then that's your prerogative....but the fact of the matter is that that pill will harm the baby/fertilized cells/embryo/whatever.
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