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Corday still hasn't learned. Giving away the end result of a triangle/story months in advance. :shame: . He's always done that, which I guess is why he doesn't speak much. If he wants the show to do what he said he thinks it should in this interview (which is basically keeping couples apart as long as possible and stringing people along) then he needs to keep his damn mouth shut to make it effective. During JER's first reign, it worked for the most part because you knew who was the rooting couple but you still didn't know if they would be together. Everyone kept their mouth shuts and the story went on and we learned what happened at the end of it. Since then, we have Corday blowing it. I guess that may have been intended. Maybe they have information that Safe being apart has hurt the ratings more. Who the hell knows. I do think it won't be until November though. Corday said sometime after Labor Day and that man is always messed up with timelines so that could very well mean the same thing it did last year when he talked of the baby switch reveal being after Labor Day. LeAnn Hunley mentioned she would return to the show in August. I'm guessing she would start taping then so that would mean we wouldn't see her until like mid-late October so, yeah, still going with November sweeps.

The most interesting part of this interview was the part about the supercouple novels and how things may change for them if one or two characters return. That was a clear hint or why would he say it? Corday is that transparent. I don't think they would bring Kayla back without Steve. I think he's speaking of J&J. He may want more Horton's and they fit into story easier. Missy is interested. Matt seems to be too once Mama Mia is done. He even indicated on his facebook that he and Missy talked of a possible return. That one seems them the most plausible and likely and I would love to see it. The only other option I can see is them bringing back one or two parts of these couples rather then a whole couple together like Kayla without Steve or John without Marlena. Something like that. We know we won't get Steve. I doubt we will get Marlena unless their 45th anniversary ace in the hole and big push for renewal story is the return of J&M but I would be shocked if that happened.
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