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Jun 7 2010, 10:45 AM
MOST of what Corday says never, ever comes to pass. I've read all sorts of "spoilers" and storyline reveals from him for some of my favorites that simply did not happen.

I'm of the opinion that he has very limited information and spouts off without knowing much about anything.

And I don't think the show is going to have payoffs with happy endings any longer. They'll string EJ/Sami/Rafe on indefinitely or until the show gets canceled.

Oh, I definetly think tptb will keep those three in each others orbits until the end of the show. But, when he talks in interviews in such certain terms, why should those of us who like the opposing couple even watch? I mean, I've always felt like Sami would go back to Rafe when the truth of the Sydnapping came out, but I thought she would probably harbor lingering feelings for EJ and they would dance around that for awhile......and maybe they still will, but when KC jumps out there and puts his stamp of approval on the most boring couple on the show, it kind of makes you think.........what's the point of watching when the ending has been given away........
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