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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jun 7 2010, 11:08 AM
But EJ seeking revenge is the same storyline as the Sidney kidnapping. I dont think they can go that direction again. its not working. People are already bored with that I hurt you hurt me game. It has to end once and for all. I can only see two ways that happens. EJ and Sami come to some kinda truce. They realize they can never be together and move on. They basically end up a lesser version of Lumi who are friends now. The other option is to write EJ out completely. There cant be any more back and forth with those two. it has to end one or the other.
Ej can end up falling in love with someone else, and that person loving him unconditionally.....that person's love transforms him into someone he's always wanted to be but never was able to achieve that with Sami because of their horrible past and her inability to commit to him because of who he is and who he represents. Sami will likely be in revenge mode for a while though and that will separate them....she will get custody of both kids unless Syd turns out to be Nicole's then they can easily make Johnny Lucas' and that is the story that brings Lucas back....but I don't see that happening while GT is at the helm....
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