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OMG. those Carly vs. Chloe scenes were so good! Especially the end, when Chloe went into a full crazy mode. I was ROFL when she asked Carly if she told Bo that Hope is crazy too. If she just knew. And when she went sarcastic and told Carly she better be carefull because she never knows what the crazy woman can do. grteat scenes. So good and funny!

Nicol and Steph both have their men twisted around their little fingers. That was some good manipulating work today. Did Nathan actually really asked Steph to not use the afterpill? And Nicol with her perfect timing. Lucky for her Brady was not facing the entrance.

Rafe and Shane work well as team, but is he really crying from sleep and calling Kimīs name? I know they need to prepare viewers for the reunion but that was little too much. But I like his laidback attitude vs. Rafeīs determination. Itīs a good contrast.
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