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Oh man, I am loving Chloe. She's hearing VOICES! Instead of her own voice, they should have had a different voice, like a little old lady or a trucker. Nadia eyes have been working overtime too, they go from fully engaged to disconnected and icey, it's working well for this story. I even liked the way she looked at Daniel. But what an asshole, if he would just shut up for a min so she can talk. That guy doesn't respect her very much in general. And today he started in with his "my surprise trumps your surprise" and "let me tuck you in". What a clueless jerk.

All right! Ej scored a few points with Sami today. How cute are the boys playing Johnny, my goodness what talent those tikes have. I think it's odd that Johnny would be so attached to Rafe but the kids made it adorable.

Shane is such a nice treat.

Finally! Stephanie and Nathan were interesting today. It was like looking in on a couple's real life problem, right down to Stephanie feeling stupid for forgetting to take the pill, the tears and Nathan not reacting well at first then apologizing. And no mention of Melanie!!!

Brady is such a dullard.

Ari is such a mess. I like how she is progressively getting more dishelved as time goes along. I'm a sucker for all those tears. Ari looks so tiny and petite next to EJ. EJ looks like a dipshit though, poor guy sucks as a laywer.
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