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Get rid of:

1.) Rafe Hernandez - He's milquetoast. Boring. Bland.

2.) Gabby Hernandez - Does this girl even have a purpose?

3.) Melanie Layton - This bitch annoys the piss out of me everytime I see her. Either send her out of town or recast her.

4.) Dr. Baker - He's worn out his welcome. His purpose has been served. Bye-bye.

5.) Daniel Jonas - I haven't liked this skeezy bastard since the first day he started sniffing around Chelsea Brady. I hate him. I wish he would crawl into a hole and die.

6.) Victor Kiriakis - Killing off Victor would open up the door to lots of story possibilities with Titan. Since he and Vivian are married, you know she would move heaven and earth to inherit the company... just as Phillip would move heaven and earth to make sure she doesn't get it. Kristen could return to Salem with her 49% of Titan in tow and everyone would be scrambling to get it from her. Kate could try to swipe the company from Vivian after Vivian tries to wreck her relationship with Phillip. It would be great fun.

7.) Stephanie Johnson - Either make her a full-on bitch or send her out of town.

Send out of town and bring back at a later date:

1.) Sami Brady - I think I speak for everyone when I say I could use a good, long break from this character. I would like her to leave Salem for a while and return sometime down the road as the scheming, manipulative bitch she was always intended to be. This does not mean the character has to regress. There are plenty of middle-aged, mature bitches in daytime. Sami should be one of them.

2.) Will Horton - He can leave town with Sami and come back a few years down the road with a new actor in the role.

Bring back:

1.) Kristen Blake. So many people think she wouldn't serve a purpose in Salem without John and Marlena, but I disagree. For proof, look no further than this story idea I pulled out of my ass about a month ago in less than five minutes...

Spoiler: click to toggle

2.) Carrie Brady - Bring her back and mix her up with EJ.

3.) Laura Horton - In recurring capacity.

4.) Marlena Evans - I want to see her wage war against Stefano like she was going to do a few years back before John rose from the dead -- but first, Stefano will have to be given back his balls.

3.) Jennifer Deveraux - She could pretty much fit into any story. I would like to see her and Nicole pitted against each other somehow. Missy and Ari would have a great rival chemistry.

4.) Nancy Wesley - I would bring her back as the gossipy, scheming bitch she was in the beginning rather than the sappy, sobby mess she became after she learned Chloe was her daughter. She could take a page out of Kate's book and start meddling in her daughter's life. Also, I think she and Stefano might make an interesting pair. Nancy and Vivian mixing it up could be lots of fun as well. Patrika and Louise would have a ball working together.

5.) Craig Wesley - I always wanted to see him and Marlena have a torrid affair.

6.) Shawn D. Brady - There's no reason Bo and Hope's son shouldn't be on the show. He needs to return to Salem and start fucking Chloe just as Chloe reunites with Phillip.

7.) Belle Black - Bring her back and throw her into an affair with Phillip. Martha and JKJ had great chemistry and it's a shame that the Belle/Shawn/Phillip/Chloe quad never got off the ground before Martha and Brandon were fired a few years back.

8.) Abby Deveraux - Bring her back and pair her with Chad or something.

9.) Celeste - I just love her.

10.) Lawrence Alamain - He would breathe some much needed life into the Vivian/Carly and Carly/Bo/Hope stories. Not that I'm a fan of people coming back from the dead, but I feel like Lawrence is needed here to up the stakes.

11.) Chelsea Brady - I don't know what I would have her do, but I'd like to see her again.

Jack and John could return down the road. Ditto that for the Reeds -- Austin and Billie (only with Julie Pinson in the role). Lucas could return with Sami. JT should also return when he's a little older to reunite with Bo and Hope.
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