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AMC needs to get rid of both Scott and Marissa, the both of them are unnecessary and they are blocking the gold mine that is JR and Annie. I don't understand why we have to go through these silly little games with them, it is clear JR and Annie want each other, get rid of the other two flaming bores, and move forward with Jannie already. I am already thinking of what their future could be like together, as one ;-)...

Loving the show, although I thought Wednesday's episode (June 9) was a mess. More Rylee pimping. Everyone ganging up on David. Jake and Jessie are both PATHETIC. And I don't know about anyone else, but I can't stand Jake and Amanda together!! ugh those two! And what did everyone think of that horrible music video/montage at the end of the episode?? LOL! I liked the song, but the rest was just unnecessary! That was the strangest thing, never saw that on a soap before..

I think Damon and Liza are hot, but they do not need to go any further. AMC is doing great with Damon and Colby together, I just love them. Don't want to see them torn apart, because he slept with her mom.
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