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Ashley Benson has always been mediocre. She's cute, but that's about all she has going for her. Her acting is very one-note, and not to mention predictable. It's funny, her mannerisms are the same character to character...aside from writing, Abby, Mia (Eastwick) and Hanna are all EXACTLY the same. Not markings of a great performer.

If she doesn't make it big with this series (as in, it gets picked up for 2 or more seasons), I'd be willing to bet she'll end up in daytime - what's left of it, anyway - before she's 25. Benson is going for these teen-star type roles, but she realistically only has a couple years left to make it in that realm before she starts getting too old.

Her real life BFF Lucy Hale isn't much better either. That one should stick to what she's good at, aka, singing.

Honestly, I found the lead teens all weak performers. Again, pretty, but the super star casting of the parents is what'll salvage this show... and yes, LoL to Chad Lowe.
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