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Tired of Madeline holding an incriminating tape over her and Stefano’s heads, Kate heads to her adversary’s safety deposit box to steal it.

“Kate and Stefano figure out pretty fast where this tape must be. It has to be in Madeline’s safety deposit box. Kate’s like, ‘Who the hell are you going to get to steal it?’ And Stefano just looks at her. So Kate’s coerced into doing this. It’s not like she really wants to,” says Lauren.

SOW asks, “Kate never does anything she doesn’t want to. Does she?” Lauren says, “Well, with all of this, Kate and Stefano are very much on the same page. And, perhaps a little bit, Kate is driven to take care of this, because she knows it can really all blow up. To a degree, Kate was closer to Madeline. She’s the one who brought Madeline into the business. So Kate’s feeling some responsibility for all of this. Kate ends up going to the bank and impersonating Madeline, which is always fun. I love putting on a wig. It’s pretty cool.”

Kate goes in and starts to go through the box, and then Madeline walks in the back of the bank. So Kate dashes out and takes everything that was in the box with her. Madeline doesn’t see her. She goes to the box and nothing is there, it’s empty. She knows immediately that it is the DiMeras’ doing.

As far as Kate and Stefano are concerned, Madeline’s hold on them is over and they are back in the driver’s seat. But there is more to come. Lauren says, “Yes, Madeline has another secret, and it’s big!”

Lauren likes working with Jessica Tuck. She says, “I love her. She’s such a fabulous actress and a great woman. It was really interesting, because neither one of us knew where this was going when we did our initial scenes together. We were both wondering, ‘What could it be?’ Then we go to know a little bit of their history, and that really started to fuel everything.”

Lauren enjoys delving into Kate and Madeline’s past. “That’s the best part. I love when they go back and reveal parts of the past. That’s what they’re doing, showing little glimpses of what Kate and Madeline’s lives were like and how it contributed to who they are today. For me, I like to remember, because Kate has so many broken pieces in her past. For this Madeline character, it’s the same thing. You discover there was a period when these two women were very close. They probably shared many secrets and pain. Plus, having to deal with Stefano, the way he was then, and the position they were in then., it’s very complicated. Jessica and I even did a series of photos to accompany that period, when Kate and Madeline were girlfriends. We were back in our 80’s gear.”

Does that mean big shoulder pads? “Yes! We got to raid some of the 80’s wardrobe they had at DAYS. It was really fun going through all that stuff. There was huge hair, especially Kate’s. We went a little crazy with it. I remember back in the 80’s, I would do huge hair myself with a huge Mohawk. That was a lot of fun, “ says Lauren.
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