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Jun 8 2010, 10:32 AM
I will agree Ej went a little too far, I hated him when he put those bloody clothes in the river HOWEVER I understood why he did it. Whether Ej was a dick of what, Sami is not the victim,she is just as guilty. I happen to think Ejami are cut from the same cloth, they belong together :biggrin:

I think EJ went too far too but I also agree that Sami is just as guilty in this mess. The writers keep giving characters the Dialogue to say that NONE of this COULD have even happened period if Sami didn't put it all into motion. Which is why I believe that they're laying the groundwork in the scripts for Sami to eventually forgive him.

I think one of the things that truly pushed EJ over the edge though was during the candlelight vigil on the pier when he overheard Sami telling Rafe that if she could do it all over again, she WOULD and would still raise EJ's child right underneath nose with another man, cutting him completely out of the equation. Now by this time, EJ had already stashed Sydney in the cabin with Anna, unbeknownst to the audience. But I think it was what he overheard in the Safe scene on the pier that drove him completely over the edge...

Let's remember that EJ had no plans to bring Sydney back period and was actually planning to disappear with both Johnny/Sydney. And IMO, this is why, that he overheard Sami telling Rafe that she would still cut EJ out of Sydney's life if she could. EJ's retaliation was definintely worse, but he couldn't have done squat if Sami had simply told the truth from Day1. Hence, she doesn't get any free passes from me either.
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