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Jun 10 2010, 08:42 PM
Jun 10 2010, 07:31 PM
I think EJ went too far too but I also agree that Sami is just as guilty in this mess. The writers keep giving characters the Dialogue to say that NONE of this COULD have even happened period if Sami didn't put it all into motion. Which is why I believe that they're laying the groundwork in the scripts for Sami to eventually forgive him.

I think one of the things that truly pushed EJ over the edge though was during the candlelight vigil on the pier when he overheard Sami telling Rafe that if she could do it all over again, she WOULD and would still raise EJ's child right underneath nose with another man, cutting him completely out of the equation. Now by this time, EJ had already stashed Sydney in the cabin with Anna, unbeknownst to the audience. But I think it was what he overheard in the Safe scene on the pier that drove him completely over the edge...

Let's remember that EJ had no plans to bring Sydney back period and was actually planning to disappear with both Johnny/Sydney. And IMO, this is why, that he overheard Sami telling Rafe that she would still cut EJ out of Sydney's life if she could. EJ's retaliation was definintely worse, but he couldn't have done squat if Sami had simply told the truth from Day1. Hence, she doesn't get any free passes from me either.
And EJ still has no plans to tell Sami the truth. He is content to let her live in the mansion under false pretenses of his father dying, while plotting to keep Anna quiet or dead and letting daddy take care of Rafe so he can never tell Sami the truth.
Of course EJ has no intent to tell Sami the truth, end result would be losing children, but if he wanted to keep her trapped in the mansion by a lie, then he wouldn't be getting her townhouse repaired making it possible for her to move out anytime she feel like it. I think EJ's first instinct was to give in to Stefano's blackmail, so he told the lie about Stefano dying, then he thought better of it and made sure her townhouse was repaired so that Sami can decide where she want to live.

If EJ totally loved Sami like we are supposed to believe, then he would have taken his chances, told her what he did, why, and that he loves her instead of continuing to lie and manipulate. Now, he is going to make a pact with Nicole of all people-- the woman who never told him she lost their baby and faked a pregnancy, and switched babies, not to mention kidnapped Sydney to begin with--- to protect his lies even more. And all the while, he is making Sami believe that he is just a stand up guy who is concerned about her and only wants her to be happy. Yeah, well, if he really had wanted that with Sami, he wouldnt have put her through all this in the first place. The only way EJ can get Sami is through lies and manipulations. Always has been that way. He doesn't know any different.

No, he wouldn't have because that's simply not in character for EJ. And this doesn't represent a definitive statement about his Love one way or another. But rather, it's a reflection of how he has been trained by Stefano --- an issue that the writers recently devoted quite of bit of time on bringing to the surface in order to distinguish between EJ vs Stefano.
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