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Yesterday 3:53 PM
LoL and DAYS continues to fuck up their timelines...Kate's kids are all definitely born in the 70's, aren't they?

Oh well, 80's flashbacks sounds hilarious.

I wonder if this is another sex tape? I kid, I kid... probably...dun dun dun, a MURDER tape!
Yea, she should've been going after Victor, and trying to conceive Philip by this time.

With the 80s flashbacks, I don't see how this can have anything to do with Chad, although time never matters on this show, as we can see.

33 minutes ago
Jun 10 2010, 09:53 PM
sounds interesting!

i just can't imagine Stefano not wanting to raise his child(if it's Chad). it has to be something more.

love Lauren koslow, glad she's getting fun s/l.

thanks for posting.
Stefano didn't raise any of his children.
He helped raise EJ, depending on which version of his history you believe; Kristen and Peter, too. I could see him not raising Chad if he didn't realize he existed.

This is the story I'm most looking forward to.

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