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Jun 11 2010, 10:56 AM
Jun 11 2010, 10:42 AM
Yesterday 3:53 PM
LoL and DAYS continues to fuck up their timelines...Kate's kids are all definitely born in the 70's, aren't they?

Oh well, 80's flashbacks sounds hilarious.

I wonder if this is another sex tape? I kid, I kid... probably...dun dun dun, a MURDER tape!
Yea, she should've been going after Victor, and trying to conceive Philip by this time.

With the 80s flashbacks, I don't see how this can have anything to do with Chad, although time never matters on this show, as we can see.

33 minutes ago

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He helped raise EJ, depending on which version of his history you believe; Kristen and Peter, too. I could see him not raising Chad if he didn't realize he existed.

This is the story I'm most looking forward to.

He initially chose not to raise EJ, though. He also willingly stepped aside for the Kayla and Steve to take Benji. Raising his children isn't a thing with him. Kristen and Peter weren't his biological children so that's not quite the same as him not wanting to raise his child.
I don't see why it matters that the Blakes were adopted, but that is true that he doesn't need to raise them, but he does need to be involved (apparently excepting Benji - I didn't see that story). He gave EJ to his daughter, and gave Zach to his other daughter when he thought he was his. If he'd known about Chad I'm sure he'd want him in the family, too.
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