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Jun 10 2010, 03:47 AM
AMC needs to get rid of both Scott and Marissa, the both of them are unnecessary and they are blocking the gold mine that is JR and Annie. I don't understand why we have to go through these silly little games with them, it is clear JR and Annie want each other, get rid of the other two flaming bores, and move forward with Jannie already. I am already thinking of what their future could be like together, as one ;-)...
ICAM! I'm completely underwhelmed by BOTH Scott and Marissa. They need to go.

I'm tired of Jake's tantrums against David. So, David did you wrong? You and a whole lot of other people. Move on! David has new fish to fry. Jake looks like a complete idiot everytime he gets into it with David. Then he acts like he is above the law just because it is David. Puh-leeze. If Jesse didn't arrest Jake, I would have been completely done. David is a villain. I don't see villains on other shows I watch being publicly bullied as much as him.They should all be keeping their distance and staying off his list.
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