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OK, Jake and Amanda's wedding was so freakin boring or maybe it was 3 of the longest days of my life! My gawd, how long does it take for a couple to get married! Like the saying...I could have had a V8, like seriously!

They should have went with Jannie for the rest of the week. JR is so screwed! When Marissa called him after that kiss with Annie, he had this look like... Oh It's you again! lol

I truly hope Ryan and Greenlee are over, but something tells me David will continue to get sacrificed and so will Madison down the line, just to pimp these two. And what is so bad about it, David and Greenlee do have great chemistry and this couple could actually work.

I think Ryan and Madison have a good vibe, but I also noticed so does Frankie and Madison.

Randi needs to go away, sorry to the Randi fans, but the girl who plays her can't act to save her life. If they decide to keep Randi, put her with Scott or somebody, my fingers are crossed that Marissa leaves town.

Hopefully next week, more JR and Annie.....
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