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Nicole's exes closing in!?

Nicole feels the heat when both EJ and Brady work to prove that Arianna was framed!

The in the story:

Desperate to distract Brady from his investigation into the muggings, Nicole pressures him to help her come up with an idea for a human-interest story. Unfortunately, her ex has a one-track mind and suggest Arianna's plight.

Nicole quickly nixes the idea but does discover that the prisoner and the hunk have split. Will she make a move on Brady now that he's estranged from Arianna?

"Nicole truly loves Brady," shares Arianne Zucker (Nicole). "She doesn't know how to hold onto him. The thing with Nicole is that she doesn't know how to be happy. Instead, Nicole has to have some kind of turmoil in her life because it's the only things she knows." And if it's turmoil she wants, it's turmoil she'll get, because her equally-nefarious ex, EJ, promises Arianna he'll prove she was framed. To make matters worse, Brady later makes the same promise to the brunette despite their recent break-up.

Across town, EJ crosses paths with Nicole and insists that the with which she framed her rival will be exposed at Arianna's arraignment Is this the end for the schemer? "Nicole is out for her own selfish needs. When she gets her mind wrapped around something, it's hard to stop her," notes Zucker. "She's on a mission!"
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