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Please link to DR.

-Christie says that Sami and Carrie have so much history that she didn’t have to think about it much, but she was a little nervous in her scenes with Roark.

-Christie is pregnant with her second daughter and is due in September, so she’s isn’t in a position to return to acting full time right now. But she says, “I dream about it all the time. I’ve got a pretty comfortable life up here, but it’s always in the back of my mind. And DAYS is the best job in the world, especially if you’re a mother. It’s a killer gig.”

-Roark is working on “Pretty Little Liars” and “V”. He had a scheduling conflict that precluded him from being in the funeral scenes for Alice, so he shows up at University Hospital as a patient. Roark says, “I thought it was very generous and considerate for them to still want to have Mike come in and be a part of it. I was grateful.”

-Roark shot three shows in one day. “It was a whirlwind," he says. He crosses paths with Jennifer, Lexie, and Carrie. “The notes say that Mike and Carrie find a little bit of closure, but I actually thought we had a lot of sexual tension,” says Roark. He does get to memorialize Alice. “Mike gets a little plaque that the hospital dedicates to Alice and I get to ‘chat’ with her a little bit like, ‘Hey, I’m sorry that I didn’t get to say good-bye to you, but you’ll always be with me, teaching me, showing me.’ It was an entirely satisfying day.”

-Patsy was elated to return. She says, “It was scary, though, too, because it has changed! I felt like I had been put in a speed blender and shot back out into the parking lot.” She hasn’t seen Charles Shaughnessy in 18 years, but it seemed like it was yesterday. “It was amazing. It was like blowing off cobwebs and getting things started again. I just have to be one of the most fortunate actresses in Hollywood.”
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