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I definitely feel that saying goodbye to the Horton house is going to be one of the hardest hitting moments on the show in years. I agree to an extent with Kristian about using the set without Frances ever being there. Working on the show and knowing she'll never be around again may be difficult enough. There are definite story reasons to keep the set, but between the business reason previous cited and the emotional relationship it has, it makes a little sense to put it to rest just like with Alice. I would love if the house was still mentioned and just not seen, though. The family would never sell it, I don't think.

I'm of course looking forward greatly to the Kim/Shane stuff. What I wouldn't give for them to stay around for a bit. Patsy and Charles are such magic and scene stealers. The way they described Kim looking for him, but never wanting to admit she needs him--it's so very Kimberly.

Meanwhile, is this show obsessed with leukemia or what? Addie, Chloe, now Kim.

I love trhe thought of Melissa and Jennifer scrapbooking together. I hope that Hope shares scenes with the two of them together, too.

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