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Jun 18 2010, 09:25 AM
Jun 17 2010, 08:40 PM
Jun 17 2010, 03:58 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep to the fact that instead of sticking to what people wanted to watch a soap for, the writers, and this includes all soaps, have gone to what they think the audience wants.
Now that we can all agree on. What mother would let their kid into that house to begin with, and what mother wouldn't fight tooth and nail to get the kid out, not move herself in (with her other kids) especially when she used the moronic excuse of "Stefano's influence" to keep EJ from his daughter....dumb ass, it's Stefano's house you fucking idiot! Sorry I simply can't take this dumb ass version of Sami it's infuriating.
I know. I know.
By dumbing down Sami and making her look like a complete idiot and awful mother, it is the only way they can get EJami together. And since that is the bad plot right now, we have to put up with it.
But KC did promise we will be strong Sami back and Safe endgame, so hang in there. :)
Thank God for that and it can't come soon enough. I thought that they had dumbed Sami down a month ago to the point where she couldn't be dumbed down anymore. Boy, was I wrong. She gets worse by the day. Let's move this story along and get it over with. It died about 4 months ago.

I thought I had read somewhere that this reveal was originally supposed to come out in July, but then with the memorial service and all, it was pushed back. So now, we are all having to put up with this nonsense until Labor Day??? All the s/l, not just the kidnapping, seem to be in limbo, with little or no movement and it's beyond boring.
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