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These are the weekly synopses provided by Jon-Michael Reed, who was the former editor of DAILY TV SERIALS. These appeared in newspapers across the country as part of his "What's Happening" column, along with an accompanying article on a soap star along with related soap news. These will begin with the week of Aug. 29, 1977. June 14, 1976-Aug. 26, 1977 were posted here but no future updates were provided after this time frame. These will focus only on Y&R.

Aug. 29-Sept. 2, 1977: Jody left town to return to her parents. Tom went to college, and they gave up their baby for adoption. Kay panicked when she learned of Jill's plans to move in with Derek. Liz let Derek know that Jill's in love with him and he suggested Jill go on vacation. Laurie apologized to Lance for having doubts about him and Leslie, but Vanessa managed to get Lance and Les alone for an afternoon.

Sept. 5-9, 1977: Brad's tumor was benign but there are no positive results yet on his vision. At Lance's urging, Brock dated Leslie who decided to resume a love life without Brad. Ron managed to talk to Karen, but made her promise to keep his return a secret. After learning from Liz that Derek doesn't love Jill and had sent her on vacation, Kay promised to finance his new salon. Everyone prepared for Stu and Jennifer's wedding anniversary.

Sept. 12-16, 1977: After their anniversary party, Jennifer died in her sleep in Stu's arms. Brock boosted Leslie's womanly confidence and encouraged her to play a concert date. Stuart convinced Peggy to go to college. Ron shunned his mother, Marion Reeves. Derek informed Kay that he's found the property for his new salon.

Sept. 19-23, 1977: Kay tried to get her licks in while Jill vacationed by signing a partnership deal with Derek. Jill returned, decided not to move in with Derek, but informed him she had located his son. Lance and Brock fought about Brock's relationship with Leslie. Cynthia lied to Brad about knowing of Leslie's activities.
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