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Sept. 26-30, 1977: Brock nixed Leslie's invite to spend the night until her divorce is final. Ron called Marion a lousy mother, but accepted her money, then snatched Karen away from school for their secret trip which was halted when Karen became ill. Jill realized Kay loves Derek and suspected Kay's motives for sending Jill a picture of the deceased Philip.

Oct. 3-7, 1977: Brad's doctor suggested he go home to await results of the eye surgery. Cynthia spotted Leslie and Brock smooching. Ron skipped out when he brought Karen to see a doctor who turned out to be Snapper. Kay stopped Derek from dating Jill, while Liz realized Derek's the secret man in Kay's life.

Oct. 10-14, 1977: Snapper saved Ron's life when Ron attempted suicide after realizing he doesn't have a court chance regarding Karen. Kay told Liz she wouldn't give up Derek to Jill. Laurie learned about a tattooed man in Hong Kong whom she suspects is Lucas.

Oct. 17-21, 1977: Vanessa announced she'd canceled her plastic surgery and would only agree to have it if Lucas returns. Cynthia rushed to Brad's side when his bandages were removed and rejoiced that his sight has returned. Jill made an effort to comply with Derek's wishes by asking Kay to bury the hatchet. While Laurie checked up on the man she thinks is Lucas, Vanessa suspected Laurie's cheating on Lance. Brock admitted his love to Leslie.

Oct. 24-28, 1977: Ron decided to right the wrongs he's committed and told Chris that she and Snapper can adopt Karen. Cynthia reneged on her promises to Brad's doctor to tell Leslie about Brad when she discovered that Brad and Les's divorce is almost final. The maestro gave Stu competition by showing an interest in Liz. Laurie jetted to Hong Kong and found the unconscious man she thinks is Lucas. Kay offered Joann a job as a weight-loss coach. Jill told Derek that Kay's in love with him.
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