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Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 1977: Laurie met a "John Doe" in Hong Kong who denied being Lucas although he bears the infamous tattoo. Vanessa arranged for Laurie's book to be a bestseller in order to expose Laurie to Lance. Before leaving for Alaska with Marion, Ron apologized to Nancy. Brock grew suspicious of Cynthia's interest in Leslie's life.

Nov. 7-11, 1977: Ron decided to stay in town after Nancy was released from the hospital. Lance was surprised when Laurie brought Lucas home with her. Vanessa fumed when a New York critic refused to review Laurie's book. Brad refused to give up Leslie after Cynthia told him Les had divorced him and was interested in Brock. Lance was shocked to learn Brock asked Les to marry him. Chris refused Stuart's offer to stay with him while Snapper is out of town on medical business.

Nov. 14-18, 1977: Stu learned Brad regained his sight. Lance resented Laurie for bringing Lucas home. Vanessa was overjoyed and insisted she didn't blame Lucas for the fire. Liz had a birthday night on the town with Stu. Nancy pleaded with Chris to allow her to see Karen. Lucas was determined to leave.

Nov. 21-25, 1977: Leslie returned from her romantic rendezvous with Brock and found Brad at the apartment. Laurie convinced Lucas to stay while Lance reminded him whose wife Laurie is. Lucas persuaded Vanessa to set a surgery date. She frantically tried to cancel her publicity plans for Laurie's book but it's already successful. Nancy was distressed when Karen didn't acknowledge her as her mother.

Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 1977: Derek ordered Jill not to bad-mouth Kay when Jill suggested Kay was trying to buy him. Nancy told Ron they can't leave town without Karen. Leslie was torn between Brad and Brock. The Maestro rooted for Brad. Liz shunned a new "beauty wig" look. Brad confronted Brock saying he intends to win Leslie.

Dec. 5-9, 1977: Laurie fought off Lucas' advances. Vanessa entered the hospital to undergo plastic surgery. Snapper returned and learned from Stu that Nancy is determined to win back Karen. Stu and the Maestro fell over each other while courting Liz.
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