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Jun 22 2010, 12:12 PM
You know, this is the second time datillo has commented on how different the show is now, and how "old Days" has faded due to new faces. When looking objectively as a long time fan...I agree that it has changed from the Days he starred on, but I think compared to most soaps, and even Days in times past, there is a great deal of heritage on screen.

Maggie is front and center.

Vivian is back and scheming up a storm!

Doug and Julie are still around from time to time, and are featured more than they were in the 90's.

Stefano is on a great deal, and bringing Anna back into the mix gave the show a boost, and reminded longtime fans of how huge a role she once had on Days.

Bo and Hope have a big story now, and though apart, they are seeking comfort with Justin and Carly respectively, two characters that were around far before Lucas came to town.

The only real changes have been surrounding the on going "Sami can never be happy" saga. Now she's Miserable with Rafe and EJ, instead of being Miserable with Austin and Lucas. I miss Lucas, and think the show dropped the ball when it didn't leave him in this mix. Once married to Nicole, he has two children with Sami, was married to Chloe, and I could go on and on.

However, I think he's wrong saying the show is so different. There are more nods to history, and more involved TRUE vets, than there has been in a decade.
I agree with Bryan. There are vets involved, but the vets that are involved are vets that have been used as tertiary characters for the better part of twenty-five years. Nothing about the way they're being used now is a reflection of how they once were. And Vivian may be scheming, but she sucks at it now so I can't even see that as how it used to be. Shows have to move on to a new generation, and I'm fine with that. I'm even fine with the way they're using the current vets for the most part; however, I'd prefer the vets be a part of their own children's lives instead of these random people who staggered into town or as opposed to the lives of the children of other vets who were fired.
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