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Jun 22 2010, 12:21 PM
Jun 22 2010, 12:03 PM
A couple of quick things. Loved Bryan's stories about Frances, also really impressed with him talking about working on his acting. You can tell he is trying to get better and working on his craft. But, when he talks about how he doesn't really recognize the show anymore, I don't really agree. I remember Billy Warlock saying years ago (around 1995), how he didn't know DAYS anymore, and it wasn't the same show. Truly, the only difference I see is Marlena and John are gone, and Rafe has taken Lucas's place in Sami and EJ's story. Every other story is tied to a long term character.
The show isn't the same as it was 5 years ago, let alone 3 years ago...it has a lot of new faces and I think his point is very valid. Remember he use to watch with his grandmother so he knows Days of yesteryear. For example...it's not only John and Marlena that aren't around, but the Horton's are not around either, that is the founding family, WTF? You also have a bunch of new characters and that is fine, but you have them ALL IN frontburner storylines. Bo and Hope the only remaining iconic supercouple left isn't together, Bo is being written like he doesn't have a care in the world (but lately I guess he's coming around). And what other long term characters are left? They got rid of all of them in a matter of a year? John/Marlena, Kayla/Patch, Tony, Lucas? and before that Jack and Jenn/Austin and Carrie and has replaced those salaries with people that weren't in Salem 5 years ago...look at all the characters that are currently on that weren't 5 years ago:


then you can add those that have come in to reprise old rolls or are recasts with ties to Salem:


even if the stories are connected to long time characters it's hard to be invested in new characters when they have virtually no ties to Salem. I think he's right, it's not what it use to be anymore.
But then 3 to 5 years ago, you could say the same about the show, 3 to 5 years before that. Carrie, Austin, Jack, Jennifer, had all been off the show, and then all returned. The show has a history of replacing long term characters with other long term characters. Philip, Chloe, Vivian, Stefano, Nicole, Carly, and Justin had all been off the show and then returned. Anyway, as someone who has watched the show for 26 years now, I remember when Datillo joined the cast with a whole bunch of newbies, and everyone talked about how the show was unreconizable then. When I turn on the show, I recognize it. It still is about the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, and the Kiriakis families. And for the record, I would welcome Lucas's return.
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