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Grandpa Hughes
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Jun 22 2010, 10:55 PM
I keep my Encore subscription on Satellite just for the Western channel. My only complaint is they don't that many of the old series....The Virginian, Maverick, and Gunsmoke are it. I like those, but they could add more old series and quit showing the same movies over and over and over and over.

The Gunsmokes they are showing now are the ones with Burt Reynolds in them. I never saw those. So I am enjoying those a lot.
I used to get that package and I LOVED the B&W GUNSMOKEs that I NEVER saw! We have the RETRO network here and they were showing THE VIRGINIAN twice on Sunday mornings a couple of months ago! I FINALLY got to see some of the Charles Bickford episodes! For some reason, they never seemed to turn up no matter how often THE VIRGINIAN was shown! Then they changed their schedule and now run LAREDO, WAGON TRAIN and THE RIFLEMAN! LAREDO is usually just a lot of cornball humor! But I vaguely remember seeing an episode on a Friday night at my Grandmother's when I could stay up late! I recall something about an old guy keeping one of the rangers hostage in a huge house! Then he fell to his death at the end! It seemed to be played pretty straight and I keep looking out for it but so far no luck! LAREDO had one of the best western theme songs and I believe part of it was used as background music on RAWHIDE!
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