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Grandpa Hughes
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Jun 23 2010, 12:28 AM
My mother LOVED Wagon Train. Growing up, CBN (now ABC Family) would air westerns (TV series and movies) every Sunday afternoon and in between morning church service and evening church service, my mother would spend the time after Sunday dinner watching westerns. So also particularly loved Big Valley and High Chaparral. My father, on the other hand, loved Gunsmoke (in a very round about way, I was named after Matt Dillon), The Virginian, The Rifleman, and Have Gun Will Travel.
YES! CBN was the cable network to watch on Saturdays and Sundays! I LOVED those shows! Looking back, I think GUNSMOKE holds up better than BONANZA and some others! I believe I've seen every episode except for most of the half-hours! We used to visit my mother's parents on Monday nights a lot and they had the first color TV in our family! My grandfather loved GUNSMOKE and I have some vague memory of RED SKELTON being on the same night! I always thought Matt was one of the coolest names ever along with Nick from BIG VALLEY! If I had sons, I planned on naming them all after Western characters from TV and movies! Shane and Ethan (from THE SEARCHERS)were big too! Lucky for the kids, they never materialized! I DO have a nephew named Nick though! And a young friend named Matt who HATES it when I call him "Mattheewww" in my Festus voice!
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