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Grandpa Hughes
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Jun 25 2010, 06:21 PM
I hated the religious shows on CBN but boy they used to have some really great shows on there. I watched the westerns too, but also watched The Bob Cummings Show, I Married Joan, The Life of Riley, My Little Margie, Burns and Allen and oh so many great 50's comedies I missed out on. I would sit up late every night watching them.

Back to the Westerns, Starz Westerns are on the Mavericks now without James Garner. I preferred him but the other guy is not too bad at times either.
Oh I LOVED those all night '50's shows! I miss them so much! I was always up all night watching them too! We had a station in Worcester which started playing "Maverick" when I was a teen! I loved it! Jack Kelly was Bart I believe, Brett's brother! Then they had a cousin Beau who showed up when Garner left completely! He was played by Roger Moore! And there was one other brother/cousin who was in a couple of late episodes! I can't remember his name for the life of me! But he was played by Robert Colbert, who played Stuart Brooks, the original patriarch on Y&R! I loved some of the recurring con artists played by Effrem Zimbalist Jr and Richard Long! There was also a female card shark who recurred in the Garner episodes! I can't remember the character's name but I THINK the actress was Diane Brewster! Such great memories!
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