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I agree that Season 5 was a mess! But I STILL loved it! Tanya was great(one of my top five all time favorite soap "bad girls") and I agree that losing Amber was a blow! I have the first three seasons on DVD myself! In retrospect, I DO think ET was a drain! At the time, I was intrigued because of the connection to my favorite night time soap at the time! I remember a discussion with a former friend who, when I described Tanya and her antics, asked why US daytime soaps couldn't have fun plots and characters like that again! But ET was a pale imitation with a faulty premise as far as Bruno goes! Why would Joly wait so long to contact him and "persuade" him to pony up? As for the American version, I don't think I could bare to watch! I keep remembering the dreadful Us version of LIFE ON MARS!
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