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Season 4 is just as uneven - maybe a bit better, however Donna Noble is the bright spot in the whole thing. I thought the Xmas special, season premiere and Sontaran two parter were especially horrendous. The Pompeii, Doctor's Daughter and Agatha Christie episodes were boring and throw aways. Moffatt's Library two parter, Midnight, and the final 3 I thought were good. The finale again suffers from unfulfilled promises that leave you feeling cheated, like the two before it did. By the end of season 4 I was so happy when RTD stepped down.

If you're going to watch the specials ... I wouldnt even bother with the Cybermen one and Planet of the Dead, both were awful and serve no purpose in the grand scheme of anything. The Waters of Mars was absolutely BRILLIANT, and then The End of Time was absolute utter SHITE but I suppose you still should see it for the end of 10.
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