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Jun 29 2010, 01:15 AM
Donna really was quite brilliant. After The Runaway Bride I wasnt looking forward to her, but she was such a breath of fresh air from the two love sick fools that came before her. Easily my favourite of the new companions ... until Amy Pond.

What were your thoughts on the season three finale? I was so put off by that ridiculous bit of the whole world calling out to the Doctor at once. Such a let down. And the future human bit (ugh, Utopia was such a waste of time).
I have to agree that the finale was quite ridiculous, but I still enjoyed it.

What I hated was Martha coming on and insisting shes in love with the Doctor so quickly. I suppose the premise of falling for someone who is never going to look at you is realistic, but I found her quite annoying. The Scissor Sisters "I Can't Decide" playing while the master wheeled the doctor around was probably one of the cheesiest things I've ever seen on the show. The special effects of the 60's and 70's weren't even that cheesy.

I hated the new manifestation of the Master as well. Instead of a dark arch-nemesis, he became a tyrranical cartoon character trying to take over the world while singing songs.

Blink, Human Nature and The Family of Blood were the best of the season IMO
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