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New characters? LoL

David and Leyla are the BEST couple on this show next to CAIN and CHARITY. Just keep watching with Tania as her motives will all be explained to you shortly. If I went into it, I would just spoil it for you. Anyway, David and Leyla are engaged.

Right now you're in the child abuse plot, yeah? Here's what happened ...

Laurel was babysitting some of the kids in the village. Angelica (Jimmy/Nicola's daughter) and Cathy (Bob/Viv's daughter) were both there. Nicola and Laurel are best friends so Nicola went to visit her (for a reason I don't remember) When Laurel left Nicola to take care of the children as she quickly ran an errand, she saw Cathy bite Angelica. In the heat of the moment, Nicola bit Cathy. Viv got word of this and called the cops. Now Nicola is scared she'll go to prison instead of marrying Jimmy, as the court date is the same day.

A few years ago Nicola was a HUGE BITCH on the show. The current producer has mellowed her out a bit and made her more real of a person.
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