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For 25 years, Bo and Hope have been one of DAYS’s most beloved supercouples. This week, the duo adds another shocking chapter to their tumultuous love story when Hope tries to kill him.

Nighttime Hope meets with Dr. Baker and announces her plan to kill Bo - that night. “She told him to get a list of things and he says, ‘Why do you need these things?’ and she doesn’t answer. He realizes what it’s for and he tries to talk her out of it. He pledges his love for her and says they can run off together, they can travel,” says Kristian. Her reaction? “It think Hope is touched and taken aback, but it doesn’t throw her off course,” says Kristian.

On Hope’s list? A can of gasoline. She takes it and heads to the home she shared with Bo. “She disarms the alarm and the fire alarm,” says Kristian. “Just as she’s about to leave, she opens the door and who is there but Bo. She did not expect to see him.”

Hope’s appearance troubles Bo. “It’s he first time he’s experienced Nighttime Hope, “ explains Peter. “Her makeup’s a little more severe, she has more attitude, just not Hope. He is like, ‘Who the heck are you?’” Hope covers that she’s there to pick up some video games for Ciara. “He makes some inquiry about the way she’s dressed and she says, ‘Remember, I am a detective. I am working undercover.’ That’s how she gets out of that,” adds Kristian.

Bo tries to talk to her about her erratic behavior of late, noting her kiss with Justin and her hot and cold moments with Carly. “She says, ‘You want to talk about it? Fine. Let’s talk about it, how things are today,’” huffs Kristian. “He says, ‘Please, stay.’ And Hope is completely still. He gives her the videos. Then she grabs him and kisses him and says goodbye. And then Bo stops her and says, ‘Why would you kiss me?’ And then they get into an argument and she starts to soften up and he says again, ‘Please stay. Carly is working late at the hospital. Let’s talk.’ And she starts to break down to daytime Hope.”

A call from Carly breaks the mood. “You see her starting to harden and she decides, ‘Sure, I’ll stay,’” continues Kristian. “She ask for coffee because it’s going to be a long night of talking and that’s when she realizes, ‘You’re dead.’”

Bo makes the coffee, then gets a call from Roman. Hope takes the opportunity while Bo is distracted on the phone and puts pills in his drink. When he returns, she encourages him to drink up. “Then she snaps out of it as daytime Hope and tells him he can’t drink anymore,” explains Kristian. “And then she realizes he’s had it all.”

The Bradys try to have another conversation about where their marriage went wrong. When Bo refuses to take sole responsibility, “It starts to get nasty again,” Kristian notes. Then Bo starts to get woozy and passes out. And Hope decides she’s going to torch him to death and says a final farewell to her one true love. “She has gasoline with her and pours it all over him. As she’s about to light the match, there’s a knock at the door and it’s Daniel. Hope hides.”

Daniel tries to revive Bo just as Roman – who received a call from an anonymous tipster – arrives with the EMTs. Bo is rushed to the hospital and Hope realizes that Baker must have been the one who called Roman. She tracks him down to ream him out. “She is not happy, “ sighs Kristian. Baker insists he tipped off the cops out of love. “She cares, but she’s so on track with what she wants to accomplish and I think Hope feels it’s too late and there’s a point of no return. She feels betrayed by Baker.”

Hope now worries that Bo will survive and finger her for attempted murder. “She’s realizing he’s going to wake up and know it was her,” says Kristian. She rushes to the hospital to finish him off, but it foiled when he opens his eyes and Carly enters the room. Hope heads home, convinced she’s going to be implicated.

“It’s the pinnacle of the storyline, “sums up Peter. “It’s soap opera. You can’t get any better than that….”
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