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Jul 15 2010, 02:02 PM
Jul 15 2010, 01:58 PM
You can tell certain things about writers based on the stories they write. With JER, you could tell he was a deeply religious man and a social oddity. With Langan, you could tell he was a pedophile. With Higley, it's glaringly obvious that she has serious issues based on the stories she writes. REAL issues. Mental issues. Not only does she come across as a midlife crisis-haven scatterbrained idiot in interviews (and remember her blog?!), but her stories seem to indicate that she has many deep, unresolved issues with the male and female population. I mean, this Hope story makes absolutely no sense to sane viewers. And remember the Margaret/Todd story she wrote on OLTL in which Todd was physically abused and tied to a bed a-la "Misery" for several months while Margaret repeatedly raped him and beat him and forcefully tried to get pregnant with his child? I think Higley identifies with these man-hating, woman-destroying stories because some smart man probably left her ass years ago for another woman or maybe he abused her or something. I'm not sure what her issues are, but she clearly has some and it's quite obvious based on these dumbass stories she writes.
Langan is a pedophile ... :lol:
LOL - I'd go with something more of a domestic violence bent, but clearly, the man had issues. GREAT post Kenny... you summed it up so well. Tim, for you to say the story is "misunderstood" implies that you're understanding the truth about it, while the rest of us are not. If the story is striking so many viewers as ridiculous and insulting, and the ratings aren't budging, I'd say perhaps there is some truth to everyone's reactions. When the main point of the story becomes what the 'affected' character is doing rather than why they're doing it, the story has taken a wrong turn. As Kenny's saying, Higley puts the emphasis on the 'dark actions' rather than removing the cause (in other words, the opposite of what occurred in the possession story). Meaning, the pills are the vehicle for Higley to be able to tell a story about Hope hurting people she loves. The way it should be is that Hope's actions contribute to a larger story which teaches us about something (love? redemption? family?) and isn't a PSA for the dangers of Ambien abuse.
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