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Jul 15 2010, 03:11 PM
The irony is not lost on the actor that Rafe leaving town pushed Sami and EJ together. “The whole reason he’s doing this is for her and the reason that they’re not together is because he’s been gone doing this for her,” sighs Galen, “ in addition to the fact that she feels he’s consumed by work and not tthere for her emotionally. What he’s doing as far as being consumed by work most of the time is for her and trying to solve this case. Certainly, I think he feels in the back of his mind that had he been in town, Sami and EJ wouldn’t be together, so he’s definitely conflicted on that level.”

Wait a second. Have I been watching a different show or something? Rafe and Sami split before he left town, right? And he's been doing all of this for Sami? Bullshit. He's been doing all of this to stroke his own bruised ego because he can't stand the fact that he wasn't able to bring Sydney home to Sami and play hero...again. Sami has never asked him to continue the hunt. Hell, she pretty much told him that all that mattered to her was the Sydney was back and was healthy and happy.

To that end, Rafe heads to the DiMera manse, where he runs into Sami. “He says, ‘By the way, this great guy of yours, I don’t know if you’re aware, is talking to Nicole again and they have a secret truce. Did you know about that? Did you know where EJ was today and what he was doing?’ She just accuses him of being jealous.”

Nice. Gotta love that about Rafe. Always so professional. :rolleyes:

But Rafe is still determined to uncover the truth and breaks into Nicole’s apartment, where he finds a coded diary. “It’s very James Bond-ish, “ chuckles Galen.

And legal! Because I'm sure it's not a violation of Nicole's rights or anything that this FBI guy breaks in to her apartment to snoop around without a warrant or anything official.

What is it about this guy that he always comes across as such a tool? The only thing missing is him knocking himself out cold when Nicole comes home and he needs to hide. :lol:

Thanks for posting, Angie!

:lol: So true! He's such an automaton. :sleep: Sorry, dozed off again!
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