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Jul 15 2010, 11:43 PM
Jul 15 2010, 11:39 PM
Jul 15 2010, 11:37 PM

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Why? She has never treated the viewers with any dignity with her shit non-stories.
Um * clears throat*

She's not personally attacking each viewer.
And in a public venue.
And if she were, since viewers are usually private citizens, it would be libel, since "bitch" is actually an actionable term in a court of law. (Far less so for a public entity like Higley.)
I never said she was a bitch. She could be a really nice lady. But again, she deserves no respect or dignity because the fact that she has the job she does is a complete abomination of the writing profession. Personally, that is offensive to moi. And EVERY SINGLE "STORY" on the show currently is horrid.
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