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Jul 22 2010, 09:44 AM
I might have to toss out my TV(s). I love this show too. I only turned it on because there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else on. I didn't expect to like it!

Spencer: She looks and acts more like a substitute teacher than your typical 16 year old. I might be able to buy her as the 17-19 year old sister but she just doesn't fit in with the rest of the "coven" she seems totally out of place with Hanna, Emily and Ari. Maybe she'll grow on me. At the moment I think Alex is way to good for her.

Hanna: I think this character has potential. Possible nympho-klepto prom queen with daddy issues. I like that she struck up that friendship with the photo-geek and how supportive she is about Emily's attraction to women.

Ari: Pretty girl, I can see why Ezra is attracted to her. He needs to run, very far, very fast...for another 3 years or so but somehow I doubt it. I think the guy is going to hang around until he gets burned.

Emily: I like the actress and the character. I'm hoping that TPTB leave her options open and make her bisexual. The show might be primetime but it's on ABCfamily. If they make her character gay they'll just suppress her story...besides I like Toby and I have the feeling he'll be back, I just hope he isn't too mad at her for not giving him a chance to explain.

Does anyone know if Holy Combs is pregnant in real life?
Has anyone here read the books? How closely does the show follow the books?

I read them, and it's actually following the books pretty closely. Well so far anyway.
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