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DAYS fell to the bottom of the pack during the week of 7/12 (and stayed there during the week of 7/19), which prompted emergency meetings and talk of future story. "We recently had a powwow about where we're going with the show", confirms Executive Producer Ken Corday. "Some things are going to be enhanced, some things will be tied up, as opposed to pulled back."

But how did things fall so far, so fast? "I can give you a number of reasons why, reasons outside of the show which should be mentioned, because they are good and honorable reasons," says Corday. "The first is that viewership traditionally goes down in the summer. Also, we just found out that NBC.com is getting 4.5 million hits a month viewing our show. So, we are the fourth most-viewed show on any network web site. It's good for the network, and it balances out the other end of it. Plus, we knew going into June that we had a lot of pre-emptions looking at us. We had U.S. Open golf, and when you don't have the show on for two days or three days, that erodes audience. But that's something we have to deal with every year. Also, all the ratings and demographics are off - as low as they've been - throughout all of the lineups. So, how do we fix it?"

In story, for one. "The story needs to be accelerated," he admits. "But there is great stuff coming up in the next few weeks - fantastic payoff to a lot of story. What happens after that is even more of a twist and more exciting. It's must see in August and I fully expect to see an increase in the ratings from this point out. We're also going to put Bo and Hope more front and center, take EJ, Nicole, Sami and Rafe and make the story more so about the four of them. I think the dynamic amongst the four of them is fantastic."

Though the numbers are low right now, Corday is not discouraged. "I definitely feel there is light at the end of the tunnel," he says. "We've reinvented the show economically as far as the production goes. That was extremely difficult to do with half the money. To steer the ship a few degrees into a better current is easier to do. We are about to reinvent the storytelling pace on the show. I feel extremely good and positive. I feel very strongly about Dena's story, November sweeps into March of next year. The network is enthusiastic about the changes in the show over the last year and where it's going in the coming months and especially the fact that its succeeding so well on the streaming end of things. I think we have a great plan in place. I think we will give the viewers a much higher level of romance, which perhaps they have not been getting. The pieces for the puzzle are all still on the screen. It's just a matter of rearranging them."

(Thanks DC Cubs!)
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