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I know people are going to feel he's making excuses but he's not. He's right about how viewership goes down in summer (that doesn't account for spring but still) and the fact that the amount of people streaming the show is that amount will hurt the general ratings. He seems to think the amount of streams balances things out and that the network likes that so that is a good thing. Networks do seem to think online is the future so that is a major plus in favor of Days renewal if they can do well online. The preemption stuff is BS because they do happen every year but he did say that so whatever.

I don't think the show has to panic and I think he's smart to just focus on moving story. The payoffs should be enough to get the show back to around a 2.1-2.2 during the Fall when people are actually around to watch the show. I agree that the dynamics between Rafe/Sami/EJ/Nicole are good providing the story they are in works. The one we've seen for most of this year is not good. I also think the fact that Bo and Hope will be frontburner is a good thing and, hopefully, that means the fallout from NT Hope will play out all Fall.

So, these meetings happened in mid-July? So, we should be seeing these changes in additions to the ones we seem to be seeing onscreen currently. That's an awful lot of transition, which is why I'm glad it seems to have more to do with reinventing and tweaking story. Otherwise, it could be a complete mess.

This was one of his better crisis mode articles. He didn't sprout BS and he didn't overdo it and set himself up to put his foot in his mouth. He provided an assessment of things and exuded confidence. That is what an EP is supposed to do.
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