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Aug 5 2010, 04:27 PM
but why doesn't the summer and the streaming online affect other soaps? Why hasn't B&B or Y&R or even GH gone to last place in the summer.....shit the show starting sucking ass in March , that is the fucking spring! Corday needs to catch a clue....making the quad of suck front and center isn't going to do much of anything (shit they have been front and center and it's done NOTHING!) as long as Dena is there, nothing is changing....
I'm not saying the quality hasn't had anything to do with it but there is no way the show would've dropped this low. The show dropped last year too. It's been like this for years in the summer.

And it does happen to other shows. Look at GH. They've been pulling out all the stops this summer and they are only a little ahead of Days. If Days hadn't done as well as it did from Fall 2008-February 2010, people wouldn't think of this as a big deal. It gets headlines because the decrease looks worse than it is.

This is not just a Days problem. It's a GENRE problem. I don't care if every show was dishing out Shakespeare this summer. The ratings would still show drops and/or minimal to no improvement. Corday is right on that.

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